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Does This Man Look Like A Pimp to You?

The first thought I had after seeing the video of undercover journalists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles punking the ACORN offices: "I can't believe ACORN would encourage these people to catch a tax break on the importation of underage prostitutes from South America!"
My second thought: "I can't believe ACORN believes this dude is a pimp!"
Giles [...]

Are Political Scandals Only Scandalous When Kinky?

In today's Washington Post, Monica Hesse dismissed the news of Nevada Senator John Ensign's affair with a staffer as . . . not scandalous enough. A crisis management rep provided the money quote, characterizing Ensign as "really vanilla."
But despite the decidedly consensual, un-kinky, over-18, non-prostitutional nature of Ensign's affair, the scandal satisfies the one usual [...]