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American Apparel “Legalize Gay” Vandalism Inspires Support, Security

On Wednesday, American Apparel's Silver Spring store received the chain's latest threatening phone call in response to its anti-Prop-8 "Legalize Gay" T-shirts.
"Five minutes ago, I just answered the phone and got a death threat from a man with a bad phone connection," the female Silver Spring employee wrote to superiors in an e-mail. The caller [...]

American Apparel Employees Receive Death Threats

Last night, WJLA* reported on the recent recent vandalism linked to American Apparel's "Legalize Gay" displays. Yesterday, the Silver Spring location received another threat over the phone in regards to the anti-Prop-8 shirts, which an anonymous employee recounts for WJLA: "Why is that T-shirt still in the window? You should take it down or something [...]

American Apparel Windows Will Stay Gay

This week, hooligans targeted a couple of local American Apparel stores over the stores' prominent "Legalize Gay" T-Shirt displays. On Monday, a window at the Silver Spring location was shattered. Yesterday, an anonymous caller informed the Georgetown location that as long as "Legalize Gay" is on display, the storefronts can expect more broken glass.
American Apparel [...]

Gay T-Shirts In Windows A Problem For American Apparel

A local vandal may have found an antidote for the "Legalize Gay" T-shirts that have popped up in American Apparel window displays around the D.C. area—eliminate the window.

Prop 8 Decision Expected . . . Now

The California Supreme Court is expected to hand down its decision on Prop 8, which banned gay marriages in the state, right about now. Since I'm currently hurtling through the sky at great speeds away from California, you all will know the results of the decision before I will. The suspense!

Portia de Rossi Apologizes for Getting Gay Married

Portia de Rossi, wife to Ellen DeGeneres, apologizes for all the pain her gay marriage has caused Prop 8 protesters, including Buddy the dog, "who was forced to wear this ridiculous sign even though he, himself, is gay."

Prop 8: Leading Cause of California Hate Crimes?

In California, political action courts political violence
Santa Clara County, the California county south of San Francisco, has released its hate-crime data for 2008. In 2007, 15 percent of hate crimes were classified as homophobic; in 2008, 56 percent of hate crimes were motivated by homophobia. What changed? Deputy District Attorney Jay Boyarsky told The [...]

Ken Starr Can’t Help Self

Because he can't not be involved in every seminal public shaming in American history, Kenneth Starr has signed on to defend Prop 8 in California Supreme Court. On Friday, the former airer of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's dirty laundry was named lead counsel for the official pro-Prop 8 team. Starr & co. won't stop [...]

Tomorrow: Call In Gay

Personally, I'm interested in calling in gay today, but "Day Without a Gay" organizers are suggesting you wait until tomorrow. The national gay hooky event—scheduled for International Human Rights Day—was founded by West Hollywood couple Sean Hetherington and Aaron Hartzler in response to the victory of California's Proposition 8.
One caveat of calling in gay—you're [...]

Jack Black As Jesus Christ Prop 8 Video Corner

Prop 8: The Musical!

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