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Women and Gay Men Are Sluts. Jealous, Straight Guys?

It's the classic double standard: If a woman is sexually promiscuous, she's a slut; if a man is sexually promiscuous, he's . . . a man. The origin of this fun gender construct can be attributed to the biological way-back-machine. Men, the theory goes, were created to spread their seed to as many wombs as [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Let’s Talk About Sex, Whatever That Is

Quick Quiz! Sex. What is it, exactly?
A. One step past whatever you were just caught doing with that woman who is not your wife.
B. Anything that two people do together in private when they love each other very much, not including whatever those queers are doing.
C. Whenever the one with a penis has an orgasm.
D. [...]

Real Men Vs. Fake Men: A Quiz

Earlier today, we differentiated between "real" and "fake" women with the help of an excerpt from Allan Williams' God Don't Like Fake People currently being distributed on the D.C. Metro. Now, it's the boys' turn to determine how authentically they conform to gender norms.
Men: Are you for real, or are you fronting (and possibly gay)? [...]

Real Women Vs. Fake Women: A Quiz

The other day, a friend of mine received a helpful pamphlet outside of the Metro entitled "Real Women vs. Fake Women." This handy guide—which reveals which ladies in your life are authentic and which are fake, make-believe women—is excerpted from Allan Williams' book, God Don't Like Fake People. In the book, Williams also tackles "real" [...]

Girls Who Smile Are Down to Fuck Whatever

Every month, I share in the blessing that is my roommate's subscription to Psychology Today. Just like the popular undergraduate major, the magazine is a potent mixture of pseudo-science:

and hot girls:

This month's psychological musings include a handy guide to figuring out which girls are slutty. Great. I love psychology.
"Is a short skirt just a welcome [...]