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Memories of Late-Term Abortions

DoubleX is collecting memories of women who received abortions from Dr. George Tiller, who was murdered in his Witchita, Kan. church on Sunday morning. The stories provide a good deal of insight into why women receive late-term abortions, and why Tiller's work was so important. Tiller's clinic was one of only three to provide late-term [...]

Protesters Descend Upon Notre Dame

In preparation for President Obama's controversial commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, where he will no doubt speak at length about the virtues of killing newborns, anti-abortion protesters have converged on the University of Notre Dame campus. Some of them are simply rolling around vacant strollers (representing the never-born) or crafting signs reading [...]

“Can We Abort the Terrorists Instead of Waterboarding Them?”

If only! Ann Coulter voices her support of an investigator's right to choose to waterboard.
I think I'm arriving at some sort of unified theory of Coulterism:
abortion IS WORSE THAN terrorism IS WORSE THAN waterboarding
terrorists DESERVE TO BE waterboarded
abortionists DESERVE TO BE terrorized
Joy Behar DESERVES TO BE aborted

Sexist Comment of the Week

This one's a two-fer, in response to my post on the omnipresent anti-abortion Metro ads, "Metro Swathed in Anti-Abortion Shame."
Craig Howell writes:
Um, there’s a First Amendment issue here, folks. As a government agency, Metro cannot indulge in viewpoint discrimination. This matter was settled 30 years ago when the courts told Metro it could not refuse [...]

Anti-Abortion Feminism Quote of the Day

In the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker writes on the Notre Dame Barack Obama abortionist love-fest speaker scandal:
Abortion, after all, is settled law, and Obama is the duly elected president. Clearly, the American people have moved on.
Or have they? And should we? Is there really ever a time when we should be comfortable with the ratification [...]

Jesus License Plates: A Proposition We Can All Believe In

Last month, Virginia liberals were up in arms over the state's proposal to offer a "Choose Life" vanity plate option at the DMV. On March 30, Gov. Tim Kaine signed the plates into law.
Now, a new proposition would allow Florida drivers to choose Christ. Drivers could also choose Cross In Front of Stained Glass. When [...]

Hot Trend: Pro-Choicers Who Believe Abortion Is Murder

Over at Beliefnet, Steven Waldman is arguing for the abortion debate to drop its central moral question—"Does life begin at conception?"—and begin to address the fact that "Most Americans believe there are gradations of life."
Waldman cites a 2007 Third Way study which found that "69 percent of Americans believe abortion is the 'taking of a [...]

Sarah Palin Makes Case For Abortion

That's what Ruth Marcus claims in today's Washington Post, quoting Sarah Palin's remarks from a—what else—a pro-life fundraiser. At the dinner, Palin discussed her "choice" to have a child with Down syndrome  at the age of 44—a choice that, as Marcus points out, Palin wants to deny other women. Marcus is miffed that right-to-lifers like [...]

“Sixteen Million Girls Are Missing in China”

According to Slate's William Saletan, whose abortiony rhetorical stylings my colleagues and I have discussed at length, "Sixteen million girls are missing in China."
Holy shit, China. How did you manage to lose all these little girls?! Prepare to send out the biggest fucking Amber alert of all time!
Oh wait, this is Saletan we're talking about—the [...]

Final Day to Comment on Bush’s Conscience Rule

Tomorrow marks the end of the 30-day comment period on Obama's proposed scrapping of Bush's so-called "conscience rule." Bush snuck the conscience rule in at the end of his godforsaken presidency to allow all healthcare providers to deny services (or "abortions") to patients (or "women) based on their moral beliefs (or "misogyny"). Obama swiftly moved [...]