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Resolved: Abandoning Your Rape-Victim Wife Is A Dick Move

On Friday, advice columnist Carolyn Hax took on a strangely well-worn query for today's relationship advice columnists. Here's the situation (thanks to Heartless Doll for the tip): A woman is raped. She becomes pregnant. She decides to carry the pregnancy to term. Her husband decides he wants a divorce.
Question for the columnist: Is this guy [...]

Why Sarah Palin Is A Better Feminist Than Nancy Pelosi

On the Daily Beast today, Amy Siskind decries Nancy Pelosi as a "feminist nightmare." Why so serious? Because "the House Speaker pushed the Stupak amendment through—then moved to block the woman bidding for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat."
That first point makes sense—feminist women were thrown under the bus in order to pass the health care bill, [...]

Advice Columnist Tells Victim She Wasn’t Actually Raped, And Should Have Aborted Her Not-Rape Baby

Daily Telegraph advice columnist Lesley Garner is faced with a doozy of a conundrum this week, a situation so horrible that it could only possibly be made worse by . . . the recommendations of Daily Telegraph advice columnist Lesley Garner!
The situation: "Eva," a married woman, is raped by her boss on a business trip. [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Pro-Life Gays Edition

The battle for ideological dominance in our nation's capital's collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of romance born out of  aggressive homophobia?
This week: pro-life gay man worries that if he could have children, his pro-choice boyfriend [...]

Scott Roeder: Pro-Life Activist, Murderer, and Cartoon Plagiarist?

This week, anti-abortion activists staged an eBay auction to help raise a legal defense fund for Scott Roeder, who was charged with murdering abortion provider George Tiller back in May. With the auction, anti-abortion activists were hoping to capitalize on Roeder's newfound notoriety by selling off a series of his signed, pro-life memorabilia.
But before the [...]

How to Burn Your Halloween Abortion Effigy In 10 Easy Steps

The folks at Overturn Roe have put together an instructional video to help you burn your very own effigies of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid this Halloween, instead of engaging in normal human activity like dispensing candy to children. According to Overturn Roe's set of "Marching Orders" [PDF], demonstrating that our Congressional leaders are going [...]

Swine Flu and the Abortion Debate

The danger of swine flu in pregnant women has received a great deal of press attention recently. As concerns over the health of pregnant women rise, the abortion debate has slyly emerged as a a central influence in the dialogue.
Yesterday, the New York Times told the story of Aubrey Opdyke, a 27-year-old woman who was [...]

Depressing Feminist Economics Lessons: Unsafe Abortions and Underpaid Strippers

I'm not much of an expert in feminist economics—I count on my fingers—but I can appreciate a visually interesting, sufficiently dumbed-down lady-graph when it comes my way. This week, my foray into quantitative analysis of feminist issues left me kinda down. Behold, graphical representations of Bad News in abortion and stripping:
Depressing Feminist Graph #1:

Why Some Fetuses Are “Reduced” Instead of “Aborted”

In today's New York Times, Stephanie Saul detailed one of the most difficult decisions facing women who are desperate to become pregnant: whether or not to have an abortion. Women who undergo intrauterine insemination in order to conceive, Saul writes, are at a high risk of producing "quadruplets, quintuplets and sextuplets—the most dangerous pregnancies for [...]

Could Richard Nixon Have Aborted Barack Obama?

In "Secret Lives of the Presidents," New York Times writer Timothy Egan airs some private political views of former presidents, and wonders aloud, "What if they had been honest?" Let's take a look inside Egan's alternate history:
What if Bill Clinton had openly announced, as he later did to his biographer, that Al Gore was "blowing" [...]