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The Groper’s Path of Least Resistance

It is a principle of public sexual assault that gropers will follow the path of least resistance. They will gravitate toward situations where their activities will not be discovered, and their assaults will not be punished. They operate in the Metro, where the close proximity of passengers obscures non-accidental touching and escape is difficult. They [...]

Miss D.C. Jen Corey on Groping, Cat-Calling, and Smack-Downs

Some consensual touching at the 2010 Capital Pride Parade
This weekend, Miss D.C. 2009 Jen Corey graciously agreed to march alongside City Paper at the 2010 Capital Pride Parade. Along with her support of the LGBT community, Corey has been outspoken about D.C.'s groping problem as her reign draws to a close. The Miss D.C. organization [...]

Pride in Photos

Is this not enough jorts-wearing dancing cowboy for you? Check out Darrow Montgomery's full collection of photos from the 2010 Capital Pride Parade over on City Desk for more where that came from. Bonus: Dude drinking beer out of a water bottle straddling a foam noodle.

Lessons Learned From the Pride Parade

On Saturday, I had the honor of marching in the 2010 Capital Pride Pride alongside Miss. D.C. Jen Corey and other City Paper luminaries. Here's what I learned:

Tomorrow: Academic Kink and Balloon Dinos on Stilts

Worried that tomorrow's Capital Pride Parade won't be enough sex-and-gender related activity for one day? Pass the time before and after with an ad-hoc sexuality conference by day, and gay balloon dinos on stilts by night:

I Love a Parade

Exciting news! The Washington City Paper will be repping The Sexist in a float (OK: a pick-up truck) in tomorrow's Capital Pride Parade. Joining us in the back of said pick-up truck will be Miss D.C. Jen Corey, who has dedicated part of her reign to becoming an outspoken advocate for victims of street harassment [...]

Mr. and Miss Capital Pride Shall Not Get High, Destroy Things, Wear Black Jeans

Traditional beauty pageants come with all sorts of strange entrance requirements. In order to compete in the Miss America pageant, for example, a constestant must be an unmarried woman who has always been female, has never been pregnant, and has never engaged in any "immoral" or "indecent" activities.
D.C.'s annual LGBT pageant, Mr. and Miss Capital [...]

Lady Gaga Brings Pantless Pride to D.C. Equality March

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga promised to head down to D.C. for this Sunday's Equality March. At New York City's Bootleg party, Gaga announced:
Listen, next week is the gay pride march. And I know that I'm going to be there marching with all of you. And the most exciting thing tonight is that we're all [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Hugging Or “Breast Burying”? Edition

Allegations of Discrimination at Tastee Diner, Silver Spring MD from Tastee Diner on Vimeo.
Last week, two women staged a "kiss-in" protest at Silver Spring's Tastee Diner after being ejected from the restaurant, they say, for hugging. In response, Tastee Diner released this grainy security video of the incident in an attempt to prove that the [...]

Barack Obama Declares June Naked Cock on the Street Month

Some guy named Gibbons J. Cooney, who posts on a blog with the fun-loving tag-line "You Can't Be Catholic and 'Pro-Choice' On Abortion," is piiiissssed that Barack Obama has declared June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month."
Why? Because Gibbons J. Cooney has cracked the secret gay code. He knows what "pride" really means: [...]