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What About the Pro-Abstinence Realists?

Last month, I wrote a story on why the government won't fund local youth AIDS prevention group WAIT (or Washington AIDS International Teens). WAIT's problem was this:
a. Their goal was stopping the spread of HIV.
b. Their methodology was abstinence.
c. The government only funds one or the other.
Last week, President Obama proposed to add another roadblock [...]

Do Obama Supporters Shun High Heels?

In a blog post entitled Sigh . . ., El Guapo in DC makes his triumphant return by lamenting the mass exodus of high-heel wearing ladies from the district. "Ballerina flats," he writes. "Si, ballerina shoes. The women of DC have for some reason turned to wearing ballerina shoes. Have they done this to spite [...]

Final Day to Comment on Bush’s Conscience Rule

Tomorrow marks the end of the 30-day comment period on Obama's proposed scrapping of Bush's so-called "conscience rule." Bush snuck the conscience rule in at the end of his godforsaken presidency to allow all healthcare providers to deny services (or "abortions") to patients (or "women) based on their moral beliefs (or "misogyny"). Obama swiftly moved [...]

Gay Families to Attend White House Easter Egg Roll . . . Again and Again and Again

The AP reports that President Obama has invited more than 100 gay and lesbian families to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll. The majority of tickets are offered online to the public (and sell out within seconds), but the President reserves a number for special guests. From the AP:

Military Bases Still Not Required to Stock Emergency Contraception

What's worse than being a victim of one of the 2,688 "reported sexual assaults involving military personnel" in 2007? How about not being able to access emergency contraception following your assault?
Last week, a federal judge required that pharmacies offer emergency contraception over-the-counter to 17-year-olds (previously, it was only available to women 18 and up, with [...]

Decline and Fall: The Fallout of the “Conscience Rule”

Not Set in Stone: Bush’s rule never saw the light.
For a short period this year, healthcare providers across the country were free to follow their consciences. President Bush’s final act in office was something known as the “conscience rule,” a provision meant to protect workers in federally funded facilities from providing services they found morally [...]

Comment on Obama’s Reversal of the “Conscience Rule”

Health and Human Services published President Obama's official proposal to rescind Bush's "conscience rule" in the Federal Register today. Bush's rule expanded protections for healthcare providers who are morally opposed to performing or aiding in certain procedures—abortions, sterilizations, birth-control prescriptions, treating gays and lesbians, etc.
For the next 30 days, the public is invited to comment [...]

National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

And yet, those who provide them never get any love.

Today is National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.
Yes, but how? Five ways to appreciate, after the jump: