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Levi Johnston Hits Tyra, Victimizes Self

And we've got the whole, non-white-trashy thing on tape:
Sarah Seltzer for Reproductive Health Reality Check wonders if Levi is a "victim" in the Palin spotlight. "The Internet is buzzing over Levi Johnston's appearance on Tyra yesterday to 'break his silence,' and providing us all with a reminder that patriarchal policies like abstinence-only education hurt young [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Debating William Saletan Edition

Unborn fetuses: Your lives are in Saletan's hands.
Welcome back to "Sexist Beatdown," the weekly event wherein Sady, of New York ladyblog "Tiger Beatdown," and myself, of D.C. ladyblog "The Sexist" carry on evolved conversation on such topics as abnormal boners. This week, we discuss William Saletan, the Slate contributor obsessed with what Sady and I [...]

Back Up Yesterday’s Birth Control, Today!

Yesterday was "Back Up Your Birth Control Day." In case you missed it, you still have 72 hours after your non-backed-up-birth-controlled sexual intercourse to participate in the day's events. "Back Up Your Birth Control Day" was created to "raise awareness about increased access to emergency contraception," which will soon be available over-the-counter to women 17 [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Womb?

Getting your baby in there doesn't come cheap.
In his Slate column this week, William Saletan discussed what happens when biological parents stop paying the surrogates who are carrying their fetuses. SurroGenesis is a California surrogacy service that sets up infertile couples with willing replacement mamas, and facilitates payments between the two parties—well, it used to. [...]

Obama Pay Equity

On Tuesday, Sarah Palin called out Obama on pay equity. "Does he think that the women aren't working as hard? Does he think that they are 17 percent less productive?" she said, quoting a story in the National Review that alleged that Obama's Senate offices paid women 83 cents on the dollar compared to his [...]

The Morning After

Good morning, Washington. Your sex & gender links of the day:
* Jezebel considers telling off Columbus Day.
* How did big tobacco make smoking acceptable for women? It got cozy with women's lib, writes Jennifer 8. Lee for the New York Times:
Recognizing that women were still riding high on the suffrage movement, [American Tobacco Company P.R. [...]

Teen Pregnancy Scoops: Wait For Story to Gestate

Last month, reports of a 17-year-old Palin spawn's unplanned pregnancy briefly satiated tabloid hunger for babies-having-babies coverage. The announcement redirected the evergreen "Pregnant Teen" story from Britney sis and new mom Jamie Lynn Spears, also 17, who gave birth to her first child in June. Now, tabs like the National Enquirer (probably more reliable than [...]

The Morning After

* For Slate, The Abstinence Teacher author Tom Perrotta explains the political appeal of Sarah Palin's "Sexy Puritan" archetype:
I'm only trying to locate her within the context of the great American culture war, which she seems to have single-handedly reignited during an election season that was supposed to have been dominated by other issues (and [...]