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University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Chivalrous Hook-Up Edition

The fight for ideological dominance of D.C.’s college sex column “movement” rages on. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of valiant male chivalry—only drunker? This week: G.W. student fucks Marine; UMD students are bitches, dicks, or pussies; American University issues [...]

Swine Flu and the Abortion Debate

The danger of swine flu in pregnant women has received a great deal of press attention recently. As concerns over the health of pregnant women rise, the abortion debate has slyly emerged as a a central influence in the dialogue.
Yesterday, the New York Times told the story of Aubrey Opdyke, a 27-year-old woman who was [...]

Why Some Fetuses Are “Reduced” Instead of “Aborted”

In today's New York Times, Stephanie Saul detailed one of the most difficult decisions facing women who are desperate to become pregnant: whether or not to have an abortion. Women who undergo intrauterine insemination in order to conceive, Saul writes, are at a high risk of producing "quadruplets, quintuplets and sextuplets—the most dangerous pregnancies for [...]

Public Breast-Feeding: What the Nursing Bib Means for the Right to Bare Breasts

Nothing to see here: Laseinde wants newborns to suck and cover.
Ella Laseinde is accustomed to seeing strangers’ breasts. “I’m a mammographer, so I’m with the breasts constantly,” says Laseinde, 71, who spent 30 years in government service—including five at the National Institutes of Health screening women’s chests. That’s not to say she’s interested in catching [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, tacos.
A Hierarchy of Date-Rape Jams, a charticle that is totally invalidated if you hate Rod Stewart.
(How to Enginer A) Teen Sex Scandal!, for those of you clinging to your old media jobs

Who Can Make a Rape Joke?, but seriously folks.

My Body is Not Defined By Pregnancy, rather: tacos.
The Five Most Inappropriate Cock-Bib Phrases, and [...]

My Body Is Not Defined By Pregnancy

"The Belly Project" has been hailed as "sad, beautiful, empowering, overwhelming." I'll add another: problematic.
The product of sex educator Karen Rayne and midwife Christy Tashjian, the blog records user-submitted photos of women's disembodied bellies, accompanied by the belly's age and reproductive history. The point of the blog, the creators write, is to "put our bellies [...]

What About the Pro-Abstinence Realists?

Last month, I wrote a story on why the government won't fund local youth AIDS prevention group WAIT (or Washington AIDS International Teens). WAIT's problem was this:
a. Their goal was stopping the spread of HIV.
b. Their methodology was abstinence.
c. The government only funds one or the other.
Last week, President Obama proposed to add another roadblock [...]

Today Is National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Today is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and right smack in the middle of National Offend a Feminist Week. I'm both offended and not teen pregnant. Coincidence?
I've always said that the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to turn 20, am I right? But for those still stuck in their 13-to-19s, the [...]

Sarah Palin Makes Case For Abortion

That's what Ruth Marcus claims in today's Washington Post, quoting Sarah Palin's remarks from a—what else—a pro-life fundraiser. At the dinner, Palin discussed her "choice" to have a child with Down syndrome  at the age of 44—a choice that, as Marcus points out, Palin wants to deny other women. Marcus is miffed that right-to-lifers like [...]

Why the Chaste AIDS Movement Can’t Get Paid

Waiting for the dough: Tsubata and children Lan Lee, Kensei Tsubata, and Mie Smith
Kate Tsubata is not your typical abstinence advocate. She wants you to choose one person to have sex with for the rest of your life, but her fidelity to the movement’s traditions ends there. She refuses to draft no-sex pledges, forge promise [...]