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Prison Rape Standards Will Cost Us—and Save Inmates

Back in April, I reported on national standards proposed to end prison rape in the American justice system—and speculated as to whether the pricetag was too high for corrections facilities t commit to implementing them. Last week, the Department of Justice released a report from consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton detailing just how much the [...]

Eric Holder Misses Deadline For Implementing Prison Rape Standards

Today, June 23, 2010, marks the deadline for Attorney General Eric Holder to finalize the national standards for corrections facilities to address prison rape. And unless Holder's doing some serious cramming right now, he's going to miss it.

Can We Stop Prison Rape By Instituting “Weight Classes”?

This week marks the beginning of the next stage in an extended, seven-year process to fulfill the directive of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003: to establish "zero-tolerance standard for the incidence of prison rape in prisons in the United States." Meanwhile, George Mason economist Bryan Caplan has proposed what he considers a quick [...]