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Top 5 Pseudo-Feminist Anthems

After much discussion of traditionally feminine passivity in ostensibly empowering lady-pop, I think it's high time for a list. Ever since the Spice Girls made "Girl Power" cool, sexy, and (above all) lucrative for record producers, empowerment has been a convenient posture for pop music to assume—lyrical cognitive dissonance be damned!
Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon put [...]

Taylor Swift: Feminist, Princess, Avatar

Over the past few months, the feminist blogosphere has struggled to come to terms with the girl power enigma that is Taylor Swift.

Sexist Beatdown: Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Jolene, and Music’s Other “Other Women”

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me"
Woman: Bitchy brunette cheerleader Taylor Swift
Other Woman: Geeky glasses-wearing Taylor Swift
Hey, ladies. It's time for another edition of Sexist Beatdown. Up for discussion this morning are girls who hate on other girls when a man gets in the way, and then write pop songs about it. As always, your hosts [...]