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Playgirl Goes Gay, and the Straight Guys Love It

Daniel Nardicio has served as the director of marketing for Playgirl magazine since August of 2009. Since then, Nardicio has introduced three crucial developments to the long-time beefcake mag: (a) Acknowledgment of the magazine's gay readership; (b) a nude Levi Johnston; and (c) "The Shaggin' Wagon" (above).
Yesterday, Nardicio circled his magenta, man-centric wagon outside of [...]

Calling Georgetown’s “Campus Hunks”

Hunks! We still call them that, apparently. And now, the "internet’s leading source for hot nude celebrity hunks" is seeking the hunkiest of all hunks to disrobe in its annual "Campus Hunks Issue." Playgirl spokesperson Daniel Nardicio—the man behind both Levi Johnston's shoot and the Playgirl "Shaggin’ Wagon" (pictured, with strategically placed hunks)—has sent [...]