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Sarah Palin’s Next Move

On July 3, Alaska Gov. Sara Palin announced her impending resignation from the Governor's seat, citing "a higher calling." In the wake of the announcement, Palin hasn't demonstrated much interest in unsolicited advice from newspapers, bloggers, and Tweeters. But with all of the contiguous United States now at her fingertips, Palin could use our help [...]

Playboy Golf Scramble: Spot the Douchebags!

Last weekend, the Playboy Golf Scramble—an intriguing mash-up of hot chicks, balls, and douchebags—hit Virginia, and Metromix's John Griffith was there to bravely cover the event.
"Ninety local [douchebags] registered to compete on Friday for an invitation to the national semi-final round in Las Vegas," Griffith explained. "After that, the top [douches] will advance to the [...]

Promotional Materials Not to Send Me: “Classic Erotic Art” Edition

Return to Sender: Postcard advertising "Classic Erotic Art" presented "in a special live exhibition photoshoot," featuring Playboy's Angelina Leigh and "internationally acclaimed photographer" Jerry Harke.
Promotional Info I’m Not Interested In [crossed out]: