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Rev. Patrick Mahoney Not Prosecuted Over Planned Parenthood Prayer

Today, Rev. Patrick Mahoney appeared in court on the charge of "unlawful entry" stemming from his June 8 arrest at D.C.'s downtown Planned Parenthood clinic. Mahoney, for the uninitiated, took a knee for the unborn on Planned Parenthood's sidewalk in defiance of the clinic's signs declaring the entranceway "private property." Mahoney won't be prosecuted on [...]

Barrier Method: How a 42-Inch Fence Is Threatening Our Nation’s Unborn

To the barricades: Mahoney is pro-life, anti-fence.
On Tuesday, June 8, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney arrived at Planned Parenthood with the intention of going to jail over a fence.
Two months earlier, the District had granted the organization a permit to build a 42-inch-high “wrought iron steel fence” around the front lawn of [...]

The Planned Parenthood Fence Protest: The Video

More on Tuesday's anti-abortion protest of downtown D.C.'s Planned Parenthood's new fence: has posted video of some of the protest. Count the comparisons to the civil rights movement.

Anti-Abortion Activist Gets Arrested, Attention

It's 11 a.m. on Tuesday, and anti-abortion activist Reverend Pat Mahoney has arrived at Washington, D.C.'s downtown Planned Parenthood health center with the intention of getting arrested. But first, he has to warm up the crowd.

Meet a Pro-Life Protester: Carolyn Zolbe

Carolyn Zolbe has been interviewed by City Paper before. "I was in a bright red coat," she says. Is that your trademark? I ask. "That's my winter coat!" she says, laughing.

Meet a Pro-Life Protester: Dick Retta

Dick Retta's been out in front of the Planned Parenthood on 16th Street NW since 8:30 this morning. He's here every Wednesday and Saturday. "That's when they do the abortions," he says. Today's pretty quiet—when I rode up, Retta was the only person outside the building. "I think they're doing a training today," he says. [...]

Bailing Out Abortionists Is Like Paying Irresponsible European Backpackers

Erick Anderson of Ladyblog, who admits that she "despises Planned Parenthood," is a little bit ticked that abortion providers have submitted a proposal to the Obama-Biden transition team asking for 1.5 billion dollars. Then, she equates Planned Parenthood's cause to her recent European vacation:
I guess the abortion industry thought they’d jump on the bailout wagon [...]

Planned Parenthood Feasts Upon Recession-Time Government Slush Fund

According to Stephanie Simon at the Wall Street Journal, anti-abortion advocates want the government to stop sending Planned Parenthood any money because they're already raking in the spoils of abortion whilst floating in a decadent federally funded sea of caviar and placenta. Writes Simon:
Abortion opponents are pressing state and local governments to stop sending taxpayer [...]

Abortions for Christmas!

Pro-life advocates expressed outrage last week at reports that Planned Parenthood of Indiana would be offering gift certificates for health care this holiday season. Then, pro-choice advocates expressed outrage at the outrage. From Ann at Feministing:
Conservatives are freaking out because Planned Parenthood in Indiana is offering gift certificates. Granted, a pap smear is not the [...]

Capitol Pill: Planned Parenthood

Capitol Pill is a new feature which tracks contraception access in D.C. pharmacies.

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Planned Parenthood's Schumacher Health Center, 1108 16th St. NW.
This 16th St. clinic, a stone's throw from the White House, is the area's leading source for affordable women's health care, birth control, and abortion services. For the same reasons, the center falls [...]