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Men Explaining Birth Control

Last week, I cornered some men into explaining their understanding of how birth control works, on camera. Results were mixed. Bonus: Guess which one is gay?

Military Bases Still Not Required to Stock Emergency Contraception

What's worse than being a victim of one of the 2,688 "reported sexual assaults involving military personnel" in 2007? How about not being able to access emergency contraception following your assault?
Last week, a federal judge required that pharmacies offer emergency contraception over-the-counter to 17-year-olds (previously, it was only available to women 18 and up, with [...]

Back Up Yesterday’s Birth Control, Today!

Yesterday was "Back Up Your Birth Control Day." In case you missed it, you still have 72 hours after your non-backed-up-birth-controlled sexual intercourse to participate in the day's events. "Back Up Your Birth Control Day" was created to "raise awareness about increased access to emergency contraception," which will soon be available over-the-counter to women 17 [...]

Morning After Pill Now Available to 17-Year-Olds

A judge has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to allow the sale of emergency contraception—also known as "Plan B" or "The Morning After Pill"—to 17-year-olds. Previously, the emergency pill was offered over-the-counter only to customers aged 18 and older, and only to pharmacies that enforced the age rule by checking IDs.
U.S. District Judge Edward [...]

Daily Palin: A Very Sarah Daycare Edition

Welcome back to Daily Palin, in which we detail Sarah Palin’s refusal to go away—every day. The morning news from the Sarah Palin daycare center, below:

BE LIKE BRISTOL: Because they are sexist and/or simply completely inane, U.S. News and World Report asked readers who they'd rather have run their kids' daycare center: Michelle Obama, Sarah [...]

Bitter Pill: How the District’s Pharmacies Fail Women

In the District, Pharmacists: Rubber. Women: Glue.
For most professionals, an acceptable excuse is required to miss work: a swollen appendix, ailing grandmother, whiplash, at the very least.
Pharmacists, on the other hand, may refuse to do their jobs for any old reason—or for none at all. We're talking about birth control, of course. In the District, [...]