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Halloween: How Sexy Was It?

According to media reports, this Halloween was gearing up to be the sexiest, most infantilizing, super sexiest, most racially insensitive, nipple-suspender-y Halloween ever! So, how sexy was it? I surveyed the staff of the Washington City Paper to find out.

Sexist Comments of the Week: Goat Cheese Alpha Edition

This week on the Sexist, a post about pick-up artistry revealed what women really want: a man who "knows how to refuse to compromise on goat cheese." Or do they really just want some sausage? (Personally, I prefer pineapple). The pizza-as-indicator-of-manliness debate gets heated in the comments:
From Plethora of Pinatas:
You don’t like goat cheese on [...]

Emaciated Diet Gnome Stalks “Fat” Ladies

Worried that the stalky Gollum dude who has been following you around and creepily staring at everything you put in your mouth (and your wedding albums) is trying to kill you? Don't worry, that's just Charles Stuart Platkin, "the diet Detective," and he actually Wants to Save Your Life!
Also, you're fat.

Funny—I didn't think my life [...]