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Why Cook to Bang, Indeed

The opening chapter of Spencer Walker's PUA-cookbook hybrid Cook to Bang asks, "Why cook to bang?" If you guessed, "Some men are uncomfortable engaging in hobbies traditionally coded as feminine, and must compensate by re-coding cooking as something they do solely in order to bang hot chicks, inspiring them to re-name perfectly normal foods with [...]

D.C. Meets “America’s No. 1 Pick-Up Artist”

This weekend, "America's officially ranked number 1 pick up artist" Adam Lyons is coming to Washington, D.C., where he will be "teaching the secrets of attraction to 15 dateless men who have each paid $1300." Here's my dating secret: Not being one of 15 people who would burn $1,300 on this. But what do [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Goat Cheese Alpha Edition

This week on the Sexist, a post about pick-up artistry revealed what women really want: a man who "knows how to refuse to compromise on goat cheese." Or do they really just want some sausage? (Personally, I prefer pineapple). The pizza-as-indicator-of-manliness debate gets heated in the comments:
From Plethora of Pinatas:
You don’t like goat cheese on [...]

Ray Gordon Will Get You Laid for $50,000

I hadn't heard of Pick-Up Artist Ray Gordon until he hopped over to the Sexist to defend the seduction community industry against charges of misanthropy. Boy, am I glad he stopped by.
According to his Web site, Ray Gordon—author of "Outfoxing the Foxes" and "29 Reasons Not to be a Nice Guy"—is not just any member [...]

Why Pick-Up Game Hurts Everyone Except the Guy Shilling Books

In the wake of George Sordini's killing spree last week, the mainstream media has criticized Pick-Up Artist community for promoting misogynist cultural attitudes that hurt women and girls. (Sordini was a sometimes-devotee of R. Don Steele, author of such douchebag manuals as Date Young Women: For Men Over 35). Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte, meanwhile, has tackled [...]