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Radio Station Promotion Promises Rihanna and Chris Brown “Together Again”

Do you wish that Rihanna and Chris Brown would put aside their differences and resume their abusive relationship already? No? Then you'll hate WPGC's newest concert promotion!

Inappropriate Cleavage Photoshop Corner

Via JJB Blog: What is wrong with this Chilean water heater ad?

Answer after the jump.

Sarah Palin, Lip Hairs and All

The Oct. 13 issue of Newsweek features an up-close-and-personal photo of Governor Sarah Palin on the cover. The photograph (above), by Nigel Parry, is a tight shot of Palin's face. In person, the image is more striking: the wrinkles are deeper, the stray hairs darker, the pores more defined.
Fox News yesterday had a field day [...]