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CVS Employees With Sex On The Brain

Last week, I wrote about how CVS Pharmacies in Washington, D.C. are continuing to limit access to condoms by locking up some stores and declining to work with public health activist groups. The main problem with condom lock-up is that it forces customers to interact with several employees, wait around in front of the condom [...]

An Open Letter to CVS “Sensitive Lady Products” Salespeople

Sensitive Man Products need not be locked behind glass doors

To the Employees of Several Washington-Area CVS Stores:
I understand that your CEO, Thomas Ryan, has stated that the CVS name stands for "Convenience, Value, and Service." This letter takes issue with the third.
It has recently come to my attention, upon purchasing Sensitive Lady Products at several [...]

Yes, We Have No Birth Control

Shelf Life: Planning your marital act the Divine way.
I am the only customer inside Chantilly's Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy on Halloween morning, and I'm not buying. A week earlier, the pro-life outfit was blessed by a bishop, sprinkled with holy water, and courted by the national press in preparation for its Oct. 21 grand opening. [...]

Pro-Life Pharmacists: Me-ooow!

When the Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy opened up in Chantilly last week, it got the blessing of Pharmacists for Life International, an organization devoted to pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control prescriptions. The org's Web site,, claims to be "the only website serving the profession of pharmacy as a totally 100% pro-life philosophy!" [...]

Pro-Life Pharmacy Opens in Chantilly

The Washington Times (manlier than Washingtonian!) announced today's opening of Chantilly's newest pharmacy:  The Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy. But unlike other local pharmacies such as CVS and Rite-Aid, the DMC pharmacy caters specifically to the pro-life set. "[T]here will be no birth-control pills, condoms, cigarettes or pornographic magazines" at DMC, writes Times reporter Julia Duin. [...]