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Could Condom Shame Be Good For Pharmacies?

Pharmacies that keep their condoms in locked cases cite shoplifting as the main rationale for the safe-sex lock-up. When shoppers are ashamed to buy sex-related items, the theory goes, they're more likely to steal them—instead of sheepishly carrying them to the counter. But condom shame could hold a hidden benefit for pharmacies as well: When [...]

Bitter Pill: How the District’s Pharmacies Fail Women

In the District, Pharmacists: Rubber. Women: Glue.
For most professionals, an acceptable excuse is required to miss work: a swollen appendix, ailing grandmother, whiplash, at the very least.
Pharmacists, on the other hand, may refuse to do their jobs for any old reason—or for none at all. We're talking about birth control, of course. In the District, [...]