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Female Photographers, the Phallic Camera, and the Male Gaze

If we must turn the art of photography into a sexual metaphor, this is how it usually goes: The camera represents the photographer's phallus. The camera's lens is the artistic extension of the male gaze. Female subjects "make love" to the camera, and by extension, the artist. But what happens when a photography exhibit featuring [...]

The Morning After: Phallic First-Person Shooter Edition

* Attention feminist nerds: "Portal," the first-person shooter that Games Radar described as "the most subversive game ever," is being offered for free until May 24. What Portal is not like:

Huffington Post: Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Nipple Is Just Sexist

Last week, I suggested that the Huffington Post was sexist for devoting much of its Entertainment page to obsessively posting accidental female nipple slips caught on camera. Arianna Huffington responded via a Howard Kurtz column by saying:
"As Freud said, ‘Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’—and a nipple slip is just a nipple slip."
Well, I've [...]