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Tragic Craigslist Yearning of the Day

Apologies for the scant posting lately, Sexist readers. I'm deep in a forthcoming cover story at the moment, but I've still found the time to become depressed by this tragic Craigslist Missed Connection, from a high school grad to her former English teacher. I don't know what's sadder: The electronic heart that ends the anonymous [...]

Inauguration Date Round-Up:

Only days remain to secure a date to the inauguration. Fuck it, hit Craigslist.

* Do you want to see Jay-Z at love tonight? Get ready for some "affection and passion, for the feeling of that first kiss, tingles you feel from a certain touch, soft whispers that excite and move you, and intimate feelings that [...]

Inauguration Date Round-Up: Flagged For Removal Edition

Do you like luxury?
* This 22-year-old Midwestern woman [posting has been flagged for removal] enjoys the finer things in life—do you have them? "I’m a very outgoing intelligent, educated, attractive women who would enjoy a fun historic moment with someone," she writes. "I would like to go to places where that are high end and [...]

Inauguration Date Round-Up: I’m Coming Out Edition

Remember when presidential inaugurations inspired hatred, not desperation?
Who’s looking for inauguration week tail romance this week? A round-up!
* When "35 year old white married guy" arrives in D.C. for the historic inauguration, he hopes that the date marks a personal milestone, too. "I am completely inexperienced in this but have wanted to be in various [...]