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Sexist Beatdown: Testicular Pseudonyms Edition

Here in ladyblogger land, my esteemed partner Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and myself know all about the lady issues. But we are just positively pickled by all things manly. Pickled, I tell you! We cannot seem to winkingly referring to our female employees as "perky," successfully manage a bromance, or understand what it's like to [...]

The James Chartrand Theory of Feminism

Remember James Chartrand, the female blogger behind "Men With Pens" who adopted a male pseudonym in order to earn respect, feed her kids, and pen privileged tirades against the feminist mommy-bloggers who "try to shave the balls of all males who dare to visit the blog"? Well, Chartrand has got some more scandalous revelations for [...]

James Chartrand’s Constructed Masculinity Goes Far Beyond the Pen Name

Yesterday, career Web guy James Chartrand admitted that "he" is a woman, actually. Chartrand said that after she adopted the male pseudonym several years ago—one that sounded like it "might command respect"—she did command respect, and began to ascend from struggling single-mom writer to respected male Web entrepreneur.
In light of the news that Chartrand is [...]