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NOM Presents Lesbian Jealousy Defense

This snappy two-minute video recap of NOM's bus tour stop in Maryland reveals a clever new twist on the hetero marriage defense: "We're asked to believe that a mother, a biological mother, will have no problem sharing the care of her child with another woman!" one speaker announces at the rally. "Moms, do you believe [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Sad Parent Edition

In Jennifer Senior's New York Magazine piece on recent research into the joylessness of parenting, Senior recalls a time when her beloved 2-year-old son dismantled a wooden garage then proceeded to chuck the wooden planks at her head, leading Senior to turn to booze. But does it make her happy?

LOST Has A Mommy Track

ABC's LOST—spoiler alert!—is a television program set upon a mysterious tropical island marked by strange electromagnetic properties, hot-weather polar bears, smoke monsters, time travel, reincarnation, hippies, and nuclear experimentation. Somehow, though, gender relations on the island remain largely unaffected!

In Which a 12-Year-Old Constructs A Fort In Her Closet, And Her Mom Assumes She Is A Lesbian

Today's Dear Abby is a keeper. The letter, from "CONCERNED IN HOUSTON":
DEAR ABBY: My 12-year-old daughter, "Jenna," is in the closet—literally. About a week ago, she moved into her closet. She put her dresser in there, threw some blankets on the floor and that's where she hangs out now. When asked why she doesn't hang [...]

Gropers Start Early: Mother Alleges Her Second-Grader Was “Genitally Groped” At School

Speaking of disturbing groping incidents: WTOP's new series on schoolyard bullying, "No Bully Left Behind," contains some extreme accusations from one Montgomery County Public Schools mother. The mom of a second-grader at Rockville's College Gardens Elementary School, who wouldn't provide her name for fear of retaliation against her daughter, alleged that a couple of second-grade [...]

The Gender Divide in Mind-Numbing Parenting

Last week on Salon, Aaron Traister admitted that a steady diet of stay-at-home parenting had turned him a bit dull. He writes:
I would love nothing more than to write an insightful article about healthcare reform, but I'm dumb now. Anything I write relating to healthcare would end up as a screed about why my children [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Racist Babies Edition

Would your child welcome black Santa down the chimney?
Bad news, parents: YOUR BABY IS PROBABLY A RACIST, and that means that you've got a whoooole lot of explaining to do. According to a Newsweek cover story, studies show that children as young as six months old "judge people based on skin color." And children as [...]

Child Cruelty: Dentist Visits Vs. Horrible Monsters

Slate's DoubleX has taken up an interesting point of discussion. Which of the following is more cruel:
(a) A father who films his hilariously drugged-up child after a doctor's visit:
"David After Dentist"
(b) Or a hipster music video depicting a screaming child dodging scary monsters without the help of his unresponsive mother:
MGMT's music video for "Kids"
Personally, I'd [...]

Teen Sex Scandal!

Cell Phones: Not just for Sexting!
Drumming up a good teen sex scandal for the nightly news ain’t what it used to be. A couple decades ago, a news anchor could scare the shit out of some parents by just turning to the camera and posing a question: “It’s 10 o’clock. Parents, do you know where [...]

“Mr. Mom” Needs to Die

No. NO Not again. Not another "Mr Mom" reference!
Maybe this shit could fly in 1983. I wouldn't know, because at that point, my own Mr. Mom and my regular female Mom hadn't gotten together to shared-parent me yet. But at this point, New York Times—-stop. JUST STOP.
You've informed us that despite the "Mr. Mom" idea [...]