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The Morning After: Masculinity Crisis Edition

* Figleaf points us to the myth that masculinity is perpetually "in crisis," from Rip Van Winkle onward.

Real Women Vs. Fake Women: A Quiz

The other day, a friend of mine received a helpful pamphlet outside of the Metro entitled "Real Women vs. Fake Women." This handy guide—which reveals which ladies in your life are authentic and which are fake, make-believe women—is excerpted from Allan Williams' book, God Don't Like Fake People. In the book, Williams also tackles "real" [...]

The Morning After: Quick Quiz! Edition

How to make millenials care about gender equality: Harry Brighouse, philosophy professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, created a quiz to help his millenial students understand why studying "gender justice" is still relevant to their generation. Let's take Brighouse's quiz to quickly determine whether gender equity in parenting is an issue we still must care [...]