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What Does It Mean That Al Gore’s Accuser Saved Her Pants?

Of all the excuses offered to doubt the Portland masseuse who has accused Al Gore of sexually assaulting her in 2006, this is the saddest: She kept the pants.

Dockers “Wear the Pants” Campaign: Khakis the New “Call of Manhood”

A reader sent in this full-page New York Times ad from Dockers' new campaign, "Wear The Pants." Apparently, the clothing company is attempting to re-cast khakis as a "call of manhood," man's three-ply cotton twill answer to the androgynous evils of our "genderless society." That's right: Khakis.

Lady Gaga Brings Pantless Pride to D.C. Equality March

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga promised to head down to D.C. for this Sunday's Equality March. At New York City's Bootleg party, Gaga announced:
Listen, next week is the gay pride march. And I know that I'm going to be there marching with all of you. And the most exciting thing tonight is that we're all [...]

Warning, Extended Reference to Jizz Video Corner

This SNL digital short, featuring Andy Sandberg and fellow Lonely Island member Akiva Schaffer—along with lovely ladies Jamie Lynn Sigler and Molly Simms—is an ode to coming in your pants. Hey, where are you going? Hold on just one second, I have something to say about this!
Ahem. Is this not the perfect comedic corollary to [...]