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Would Your Boyfriend Be “Pleased” By Your Surprise Fetus?

Sexist pet peeve: the persistent myth that women are all privately obsessed with producing tiny widdle babies. Working to debunk that assumption is a recent National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy study [PDF] which surveyed thousands of young Americans, aged 18 to 29, about their thoughts and perceptions about pregnancy. Guess which group [...]

Your Decrepit Ovaries May Be Sabotaging Your Career

As a 24-year-old woman who hasn't yet hit the dreaded Fertility Death Zone of life after 30, perhaps I'm not in the position to be amused by this Washington Post headline:

. . . But allow me to ignore the cries of my soon-to-be decrepit ladyparts for a moment in order to re-write this headline [...]

Ovary For Inaugural Ball Craigslist Ad Flagged For Removal!

Bad news, reproductive organ seekers—the epic Craigslist ad offering up a 27-year-old ovary in exchange for a ticket to an inaugural ball has been flagged for removal. Ovary-offerer Lisa anticipated that this might happen. “I’m a little surprised the post hasn’t been flagged for removal, seeing as it’s illegal to sell your organs,” she divulged [...]

Woman Offers Ovary For Inaugural Ball Ticket

An ovary for a ball: Fair trade, no? A 27-year-old Cleveland lawyer and Barack Obama enthusiast thinks so. On Tuesday, Lisa F. posted a Craigslist ad offering her ovary—and that of a friend—in exchange for two tickets to an inaugural ball. "We've exhausted all my legitimate means of finding a ticket by begging our campaign [...]

Lady Parts Mystery: Revealed!

I am often amazed at how little I know about my own lady parts. The other day, I was asked to estimate how many eggs a woman is born with. I guessed 400. The answer is closer to a couple million. That got me thinking: How are these eggs made? Where do they go? And [...]