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The Morning After: Gay Ex Edition

* HUD claims that transgender people are protected against housing discrimination via the Fair Housing Act's prohibition against "gender discrimination"—even though the law doesn't specifically list gender identity discrimination as prohibited.

Web Site Attempts to Convince Gay Priests To Stop Being Hypocrites

A new Web site hopes to use the oldest trick in the book to combat the Catholic Church's opposition to same-sex marriage: A good, old-fashioned forced outing!
At, you're invited to scroll through a list of every Achbishop, Bishop, and Reverend in the Archdiocese of Washington, zero in on one you know is gay, and [...]

Gay Blogger Mike Rogers on NewsChannel 8’s Doug McKelway

Today, The New Gay blogger Mike B. posted an interview with Mike Rogers, a gay blogger noted for advocating the outing of secretly gay politicians who practice anti-gay politics. Earlier this month, NewsChannel 8 reporter Doug McKelway threatened to punch Rogers in the face on the air.
Mike B. asks the question everybody was thinking when [...]