Posts Tagged ‘orgasms’ Airs Student Failures In Sex, Humanity

Three Georgetown students (and another from NYU) have launched, a website for anonymously airing your greatest sex fails. “After a traumatizing hookup experience, [we] looked for a place to post the story online and realized that no such website existed," a site creator (they won't reveal their names) told [...]

If Your Boobs Could Talk, Would They Say “Boobs”?

If your boobs could talk, what would they say? According to this proposed ad campaign for Durex condoms, your boobs would likely say . . . "boobs":

. . . at least, that's what German designer Andrej Kranhe thinks your boobs would say. Other strange sexual insights gleaned from Kranhe's "Type Sex With Durex" ads:

Davidoff Cigars Not Buying the Male Orgasm Ads

Remember those Davidoff Cigar ads that featured males appearing to achieve orgasm after taking a whiff of cigar smoke? No? Here's a refresher:

Well, it looks like Davidoff has passed on the ad designs. Despite the free advertising provided by widespread Internet speculation concerning the intersection of grodiness and gender-role innovation suggested by the cigar ads, [...]