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Can Pregnant Women Be Shackled In D.C.?

A post from City Paper intern Alex Burchfield:
Last week, NPR’s Andrea Hsu aired a story about the shackling of incarcerated women during childbirth. Her report sheds light on a little-known practice that lawyers and human rights advocates are calling “tantamount to torture.” Take the story of 25-year-old Jennifer Farrar, who was arrested [...]

The Morning After: First Cougar Supreme Court Justice Edition

In a 7-2 decision, the Court decided those shoes are to die for.

Rating recent commentaries on issues related to Elena Kagan's appearance:

Ben Roethlisberger Is the Dracula of Football

Finally, it is upon us: The incomprehensible defense of Ben Roethlisberger to end all incomprehensible defenses of Ben Roethlisberger. On NPR today, sportswriter Frank Deford goes all Andy Rooney on rape, arguing that we should turn sexual predators into role models and "let the thugs play." Please listen to the segment—if only because at one [...]

NPR Talks Rape Apology, Homosexuality at American University

Yesterday, the controversy unfolding over Alex Knepper's sexual assault opinion columns in the American University Eagle hit National Public Radio. The dialogue between Knepper, AU LGBT and feminist activist K. Travis Ballie, and host Michel Martin touched on Knepper's homosexuality, the politics of sex at drunken fraternity parties, and one important policy point—the lack of a victim's [...]

How The Sex-Segregated Oscars Were Good For Film

Yesterday, City Paper colleague and NPR commentator Bob Mondello floated a solution that would trim the bloated Academy Awards telecast "and strike a blow against sexism"—unsex the Oscars. Mondello:
Nobody separates Best Director from Best Directress (directrix?), or Best Editor from Best Editress, so why Best Actor and Best Actress? Combine them, and let the best [...]

Gay Marriage Map a Total Bummer

Still glowing from the victories in Vermont, Iowa, and Washington, D.C.? Check out this map from NPR laying out the "Legal Battle Over Gay Marriage," state-by-state. See all those blue states (all 40 of them)? Those all have defense of marriage acts or constitutional bans on the books, and no pending legislation challenging them.
The 10 [...]

German Bridges Are Girls, Spanish Bridges Are Boys

This morning, NPR reported on an exciting new grammar and gender study by Stanford psychologist Lera Boroditsky. Boroditsky argues that languages which assign masculine and feminine genders to non-gendered objects actually affect the qualities the speakers assign to those objects. So, when a German speaker sees the word "bridge"—in German, the feminine "die brucke"—she's more [...]

The Morning After: Evangelical Gay Shake-Up Edition

* Richard Cizik, the VP for Government Affairs for The National Association of Evangelicals, stepped down yesterday after making comments on NPR "that he backs same-sex civil unions" [via Shakesville].
* Jezebel—along with the rest of the Gawker universe—gets a massive face-lift to "increase pageviews." Agh, what? But we're still working on our redesign that will [...]

The Morning After

* Amazing story from NPR about an Iraqi woman from Fallujah who makes good—then not so good—in the United States. Includes:
- Daring escape from abusive brother
- Illicit Marine base love affair
- Booze-fueled Ozark, Mo. marriage
- Tattoo rings
- Last-ditch job as topless dancer
- Husband's post-traumatic stress disorder
- Arrest for child abuse
* Will Barack Obama come in [...]

The Morning After

* Evil Slutopia finds this sweet Joe Biden cupcake, via
* Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have got nothin' on this lady: She advocated for sexual freedom, wore tons of booty ruffles, and ran for president back when most women couldn't even vote. Plus, she was clairvoyant! NPR's "All Things Considered" looks back at the [...]