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D.C. Bathroom Signs: Ignored By Many, Hated By Some, Expensive, and Possibly Illegal

When Omar Miskinyar opened 14th Street NW nightlife spot Policy earlier this year, he invested in the unexpected. Inside the sprawling restaurant, bar, and lounge, ornate chandeliers hang below exposed pipes and ducts. Graffiti by artist Andrew Funk blazes across the tasteful taupe walls. Cherry-red patent-leather booths ring a bar with a wall of flat-screen [...]

A Woman’s Privacy Vs. Transgender Rights

Don't you hate it when men pretending to be women slip into your shower while you're publicly bathing your women and children? Yeah, never happened to me, either.
Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government have come up with a pithy little campaign to oppose those pushing to end discrimination against transgender citizens in the state: "Not My [...]