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NOM Brings Fight Against Gay Marriage to D.C. Hyattsville

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) announced the grand opening of its Washington, D.C. office this week, bringing the organization's fight against gay marriage into the nation's capital.
Well, close to the nation's capital, anyway: NOM's Twitter feed suggests that the office is actually located in nearby Hyattsville, Md.:

Which brings the fight against gay marriage within [...]

NOM Ad Grooms Promising Child Actor/Homophobes

Since recruiting adults to spout its homophobia didn't work out so well, the National Organization for Marriage has decided to feed its lines to adorable children instead! Let's see how they did:
CHILD ACTOR 1: Blonde, ruddy-cheeked, adooooorable
LINE: "Grandma? My teacher says, if Grandpa was a girl, that's okay. You can still be married."
BELIEVABILITY: What teacher [...]

NOM and Perez Hilton In YouTube Pissing Match

Well, well, well, isn't this interesting. The National Organization for Marriage is bristling at Perez Hilton's request for YouTube to remove a NOM ad (above) which features footage of Hilton calling Miss California Carrie Prejean a "dumb bitch." Hilton claimed that NOM had violated copyright laws by lifting "about three seconds of footage" from his [...]

Update: Welcome to the Anti-Gay Auditions!

Well, the National Organization for Marriage keeps bitching at someone to have its hilarious gay storm audition reels pulled down from video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo. Citizen bloggers keep ripping their own copies of the auditions and reposting them to those same sites, causing what must [...]