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The New York Times Doesn’t Understand Understanding Women

Two male views of women's sexuality:
(a) It is predictable, unchanging, easily conquerable once you've cracked their code. Favored by: "Pick-up artists" whose livelihood depends on purporting to know the code. See: Roissy in D.C., Roosh V.
(b) It is mysterious, unknowable, a foreign "Other" never to be understood. Favored by: Scientists, journalists whose theses depend upon [...]

The Morning After: Postfeminist Sexology Edition

* The new Hillary Clinton, New York Senator-to-be Kirsten Gillibrand, already has jealous Congressional wolves circling her freshly appointed carcass in the hopes of gaining the seat that is not yet officially hers, in 2010 [via Newsday].
* The New gay tells President Obama what to do. TNG was also nice enough to profile the Sexist [...]

Gay Rights Op-Ed Headline Win

Frank Rich's column in Saturday's New York Times was an indictment of Barack Obama's mixed message on gay rights in light of the Rick Warren pick (side-note: totally over this). But the headline's funnier out of context:
You’re Likable Enough, Gay People
The title is a nod to Obama's primary season declaration that "You're likable enough, Hillary." [...]

What Does Caroline Kennedy Have Against Women’s Magazines?

"Nothing at all," according to an interview she gave to New York Times reporters Nicholas Confessore and David Halbfinger, published last weekend. Kennedy's gotten a little bit of heat for this exchange, where she responds to Confessore's request for Kennedy to describe in detail her decision-making process with her husband to seek the Senate seat:
NC: [...]

The Morning After: Sexist Bullshit Edition

* The city of South El Monte, California, has imposed a nightly curfew of 11 p.m. for its mayor, Blanca M. Figueroa, the New York Times reports. Figueroa had a habit of burning the midnight oil in her office, often staying late to help citizens with "home foreclosure problems, layoffs and even buying groceries." How [...]

The Morning After: Obama Pay Equity Downer Edition

* DCist reviews Tuesday night's Stella show, reflects on the obsessive cult of Stella that filled 6th & I to hang with three comedian strangers they like to consider their "surreal pals." Meanwhile, Michael Showalter is my favorite!!!1
* Via New York Times: What it feels like for a girl. Or boy, depending on where you're [...]

Which Woman Is More Beautiful?

The New York Times last week reported on a new “beautification engine,” a "computer program that uses a mathematical formula to alter the original form into a theoretically more attractive version." The program runs on the idea that a common standard of beauty can be predicted across cultures, based on international surveys and the ratios [...]

The Morning After

Good morning, Washington. Your sex & gender links of the day:
* Jezebel considers telling off Columbus Day.
* How did big tobacco make smoking acceptable for women? It got cozy with women's lib, writes Jennifer 8. Lee for the New York Times:
Recognizing that women were still riding high on the suffrage movement, [American Tobacco Company P.R. [...]

The Morning After

* Slate is all over the sex & gender beat this week! First, Jack Shafer debunks the New York Times Sunday Styles "dudes love cats" trend piece:
How to write a bogus trend story: Start with something you wish were on the rise. State that rise as a fact. Allow that there are no facts, surveys, [...]