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The Morning After: Dangerous Leather Daddy Edition

* This weekend, kick off the D.C. Capital Pride festivities with a leather lesson:
''People might think this is corny or not as serious, but providing an educational day on safe play is primary to the weekend as well,'' says Michael Sessa, founder of the event and president of The Center. ''A lot [...]

The Morning After: Birth Control Sabotage Edition

* SAFER Campus asks why reproductive coercion—or birth control sabotage—ain't criminalized yet. One woman shares her story, naturally, on Facebook:

The Morning After: Anti-Abortion Infighting Edition

* The Abortioneers ask: Why can't anti-abortion activists get along?

What’s So Bad About Rape Fantasies

I've been struggling for a little while with what exactly I find so annoying about women who harbor fantasies of being raped. Now, thanks to a guy named "Miles Morse," I think I've figured it out!
Generally, the rape fantasy falls under that protected class of private, consensual, adult activity—it's two (or more, whatever) consenting adults [...]