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The Morning After: Threatened Marriage Edition

* NOM's nationwide "One Man, One Woman" bus tour takes a turn: Dude with sign voices support for lynching gays.

Give Us Your Riot Grrrl Memories

Does the legacy of Riot Grrrl live on in your District of Columbia? Tell it to Sara Marcus and Cat Tyc, currently planning a video installation on riot grrrl called "Girls to the Front" to accompany Marcus' upcoming book of the same name. Marcus and Tyc are looking for people of all genders and ages [...]

The Relevance of Lilith Fair In 2010

Yesterday, I appeared on WNYC's "Soundcheck Smackdown" to debate the merits of the floundering 2010 Lilith Fair tour. I took the "it kinda sucks!" position; Marisa Meltzer presented the opposite viewpoint. I'm a big fan of Meltzer's book, Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution In Music, so it was fun. Bonus: at the end of [...]

Meet “Maryland’s First Bisexual Porn Star Rapper”

Hip-hop moguls have a long tradition of multitasking: Over the years, rappers have doubled as actors, restaurateurs, clothing designers, videographers, and snack promoters. But local rapper Imani the Misfit is pretty sure he's charting new territory, as far as side-projects go: He bills himself as “Maryland’s First Bisexual Porn Star Rapper.”

Rap Sex Euphemism: “Stanky Leg”

The cataloging of sexual euphemisms in rap songs continues. This time:

Date Rape Anthem: Juelz Santana’s “Back to the Crib”

Date Rape Anthem: Juelz Santana's "Back to the Crib," featuring the no. 1 guy who really shouldn't be participating in tributes to sexual assault, Chris Brown. [Thanks to Megan Thomas-Melly for the recommendation].

A Hierarchy of Lilith Fair Artists

Last week, the initial line-up was announced for next summer's return of Lilith Fair, Sarah McLachlan's late-'90s festival celebrating music made by women. The last Lilith Fair was held over a decade ago, but memories of McLachlan & co.'s earnest acoustic ballads have not faded from public consciousness (nor has the faint smell of sandalwood). [...]

Lilith Fair Is Coming to D.C. Is It Going to Suck?

Lilith Fair—everyone's favorite all-female music festival of the late '90s—is coming back next year, and it's slated to make a stop in Washington, D.C. I am torn.
On the one hand, it was great to see so many successful female musicians all sharing one stage—the original 1997 line-up included Sarah McLachlan, Meredith Brooks, Paula Cole, Shawn [...]

Metal Guitarist Wears Women’s Shorts, Hell Breaks Loose

Shorts Circuit: Tosin Abasi's fashion sense tests metal.
Tosin Abasi was walking down the street in the East Village when he ran into New York magazine. Abasi’s outfit had caught the eye of a reporter looking for a subject for the mag’s fashion blog, the Cut. Abasi obliged, and proceeded to detail his street style for [...]

Girls Rock! D.C. Seeks Girl Campers, Adult Wannabes

Girls Rock! D.C., the annual one-week rock star crash-course for girls, is currently accepting applications for Summer 2009. This year, the camp will be held August 10th through the 15th. Any D.C. metro area girl between the ages of 8 and 18 is eligible. Grownups, don't fret: Girls Rock D.C. is also on the lookout [...]