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Speed Botox Hits Georgetown This Summer

This summer, District wrinkles are under assault with the opening of D.C.'s "first ever botox boutique." The Georgetown-based Luxxery Express Medical Spa will feature no-appointment-necessary injectable fillers for "D.C.’s on-the-go, beauty-driven community"—a local demographic that's been ignored for too long.
The man behind the needle is Dr. Ayman Hakki, who, according to a press release, "saw [...]

D.C. Real World Hook-Up Round-Up, Episode 5: “Not Getting My Dick Sucked” Edition

In this week’s episode of the Real World D.C., Ty gets romantic in McFaddens; random lady in purple leggings gets some action; Josh isn't getting his dick sucked. Refresh yourself with the first, second, third, and fourth episode sex recaps here).
The top 10 sex-ish moments of the third episode, after the jump.

Real World D.C. Hook-Up Round-Up, Episode 3: Too Fat For Playboy Edition

Yes, "too fat for Playboy" actually constitutes a full episode's arc on this show. This week's episode of the Real World D.C. was the Very Special Body Image Edition. Essentially, everyone just commented on Callie's body the whole time. She's not skinny enough! She works out too much! Andrew secretly watches her shower! This issue [...]

Real World D.C. Hook-Up Round-Up, Episode 2: Ashley Has The Hots For A Gay Guy

This week on the Real World D.C., Mike got a little bit too gay for Ashley's taste, a housemate is intrigued by Andrew's rape cartoons, and Andrew lures an apparently drunk woman into the hot tub. (Refresh yourself with the first episode's sex recap here). The top 10 sex-ish moments of the second episode—including cast [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Real World Rape Cartoons Edition

Last week, I published a cornucopia of rape cartoons drawn by Real World D.C. cast member Andrew Woods for his college newspaper, the Rocky Mountain Collegian. Woods' comic strip sparked plenty of on-campus controversy at Colorado State University while he was a student there; last week, the controversy over Woods' work hit national TV. On [...]

Rape Cartoons by the Real World D.C.‘s Andrew Woods

Last night on the premiere of MTV's The Real World D.C., eccentric housemate Andrew Woods admitted that he had been fired from his college newspaper for drawing cartoons that were "purposely trying to offend women and lesbians." Lying is kind of Andrew's "thing," so it's unclear whether Woods' editors actually gave him the boot. But [...]

GW Grad Claims MTV Made Him A “Womanizing Jerk”

Freddie Fackelmayer, a 2005 graduate of the George Washington University, wants everyone to know that he's not a "womanizing jerk." Fackelmayer just finished up a stint as fake boyfriend to reality television star Whitney Port on MTV's "The City," a fake show about Port's real life working in the fashion industry, a career she secured [...]

Chris Brown Wedding Video: Unbearable Cuteness With a Side of Domestic Abuse

So, the cutest viral wedding video of the moment—dare you not to cry!—is this wedding entrance dance staged to Chris Brown's "Forever." Goddamnit!