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The Morning After: Feminine Feminist Edition

* Ms. Magazine reporter Kate Noftsinger asks a panel of Lilith Fair artists a question:
“Who here identifies as a feminist?”

Feminist Dating Experiment Yields Only Two Penis Photos

Who says that fucking while feminist is a lost cause? On Ms. Magazine's blog, aspiring feminist journalist Alexandra Tweten (22, 5'7", green eyes) posted a dating ad on Craigslist specifically seeking feminist men. The experiment yielded 68 replies, and only two penis photos!

The Feminist Implications of Male Reproductive Health

As women continue to fight for control over our own bodies, we're also faced with a parallel battle: Advocating for men to share responsibility for the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of reproductive health.
I'm currently working on a story that touches on a lighter side of this problem—sex partners who don't quite understand how your [...]

Ms. Magazine Considers Washington Bureau

And all I know so far is that they want me to pay for it. Ms. Magazine has announced its intentions to open a Washington bureau, in the form of a standard fundraising missive. Let's take a look at Ms.'s plans:
Dear [Possible Donor],
Feminists have an unprecedented opportunity to move forward. At this transformational time in [...]

Kathryn Jean Lopez Deals “Feminist” Another Blow

Aww, I can't stay mad at you, "true face of feminism"!
If Sarah Palin and Barack Obama teamed up to kill "feminist" this election cycle, Kathryn Jean Lopez will have it spinning in its grave. In a National Review piece detailing her experience at last week's "March for Life," Lopez calls Pope Benedict XVI the "real [...]

Do Some Feminists Not Want a Feminist President?

If we learned anything from Sarah Palin, it's that "woman" is not the same as "feminist," which is why the bitching over this Ms. magazine special inauguration cover (right) has become so obnoxious.
"It is time that we take back the term 'feminism' and restore its dignity and honor . . . maybe Ms. and the [...]

Joe Biden Is What A Feminist Looks Like

The most recent issue of Ms. Magazine has stirred up some controversy for featuring a superhero president-elect in a bodice-ripping illustration that reveals a shirt that reads, "This is What a Feminist Looks Like." Some feminists have reacted with outrage at the president-elect's imaginary rifling of their closest.
"[T]he easy to please feminists over at [...]