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Rob Kampia Returns to the Marijuana Policy Project

Speaking of pot and sex: Celeb Stoner reports—and the Marijuana Policy Project confirms—that executive director Rob Kampia has returned to the organization after a 90-day leave of absence. Kampia returned to his position today after the MPP board took a vote on the issue yesterday (Kampia is also a member of the board). When [...]

Rob Kampia: “Player”?

Last month, the Reliable Source unveiled its NCAA-style "Gossip Tournament." Making the final 32 was Marijuana Policy Project executive director Rob Kampia, who was a gossip force to be reckoned with in 2010. Reports surfaced early this year that several MPP staffers had quit over Kampia's sexually inappropriate behavior and comments, including taking a subordinate [...]

Rob Kampia On Being “Hypersexual”

Yesterday, High Times published an interview with Marijuana Policy Project Executive Director Rob Kampia. Kampia is currently two-and-a-half months into a minimum three month leave of absence from MPP after at least seven staffers quit over Kampia's inappropriately sexual language and behavior in the office. Kampia's behavior hit a crisis point in August of last [...]

Marijuana Policy Project Cancels Playboy Mansion Fundraiser, Citing Obvious Reasons

Rob Kampia with Chief of Staff Alison Green
Last month, Marijuana Policy Project Executive Director Rob Kampia took a three-month leave of absence from the nation's leading pot advocacy organization in order to receive therapy for his "hypersexualized" condition. In the office, symptoms of that condition included: Pursuing MPP employees for sex, sending e-mails to a [...]