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D.C. Law Helps Lesbian Couples Become Moms

A new D.C. law is making it a lot easier for a newborn to have two mommies from birth. According to the law, which went into effect on July 18, the District of Columbia will confer "the status of legal parent on both lesbian mothers who plan a child using donor insemination," Nancy Polikoff reports.

The Media Goes Hot For Bad Teacher

Teachers occupy an interesting gender space in the mainstream media. As institutional caretakers of the young, teachers—male and female—are often cast into a mothering role. And like mothers', the sexuality of teachers is thoroughly socially policed.
Media gawkers are both fascinated and horrified by the sexuality of teachers. Like mothers, teachers are expected to remain publicly [...]

Quinn Bradlee Loses Virginity to Prostitute, Doesn’t Understand Women

The Times UK has published an excerpt from journalistic power-spawn Quinn Bradlee's new book, A Different Life. The book is about how Bradlee—son to Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee—struggled with disability growing up, and also lost his virginity to a prostitute for $35 while on vacation in the Carribean with his parents.
The weird part about [...]

Mommy, Was I A “Reborn” Baby?

While conducting my extensive research for this morning's Morning After on the "Reborn" baby doll phenomenon, I came across this startling photograph. This Reborn, though dubbed "Masey," closely resembles the way I appeared as a newborn child and, in fact, continue to vaguely resemble to this day.

My God, I thought, peering into this window [...]