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Dads: Prepare For World Breastfeeding Week

The first week of August marks World Breastfeeding Week, a full seven days of encouraging new mothers to feed their babies from the breast. Are you ladies "pumped" or what? (Heh). Important man angle: "Studies show that the father's stated preference for breastfeeding was found to be the most important factor influencing a [...]

LOST Has A Mommy Track

ABC's LOST—spoiler alert!—is a television program set upon a mysterious tropical island marked by strange electromagnetic properties, hot-weather polar bears, smoke monsters, time travel, reincarnation, hippies, and nuclear experimentation. Somehow, though, gender relations on the island remain largely unaffected!

The Gender Divide in Mind-Numbing Parenting

Last week on Salon, Aaron Traister admitted that a steady diet of stay-at-home parenting had turned him a bit dull. He writes:
I would love nothing more than to write an insightful article about healthcare reform, but I'm dumb now. Anything I write relating to healthcare would end up as a screed about why my children [...]

Swine Flu and the Abortion Debate

The danger of swine flu in pregnant women has received a great deal of press attention recently. As concerns over the health of pregnant women rise, the abortion debate has slyly emerged as a a central influence in the dialogue.
Yesterday, the New York Times told the story of Aubrey Opdyke, a 27-year-old woman who was [...]

Could Richard Nixon Have Aborted Barack Obama?

In "Secret Lives of the Presidents," New York Times writer Timothy Egan airs some private political views of former presidents, and wonders aloud, "What if they had been honest?" Let's take a look inside Egan's alternate history:
What if Bill Clinton had openly announced, as he later did to his biographer, that Al Gore was "blowing" [...]

Bizarre BreastFeeding Contraption #2: The Breastfeeding Curtain

Want to be able to breast-feed in public, but not down with the boob flashing? Hundreds of inventors have patented devices to help limit public displays of mommy’s food-source.  Many: weird.
Bizarre Breastfeeding Contraption: The Breastfeeding Curtain

Fenty’s “I Am A Healthy DC Mom”

Last week, Adrian Fenty unveiled the new "I Am A Healthy D.C. Mom" campaign, targeted at encouraging moms to keep their children healthy and safe inside and outside of the womb. The campaign's launch was accompanied by the release of the administration's 2007 Infant Mortality Report [PDF].
According to a press release, the campaign asks pregnant [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Bad Mother > Abortionist > Childless Edition

For this edition of "Sexist Beatdown," Sady (of Tiger Beatdown) and myself (of the Sexist) would like to extend a warm invitation to all men, children, good mothers, and bad mothers (abortionists will be tolerated, but the childless will be ignored).
This week, up for discussion is Ayelet Waldman: wife to Michael Chabon, mother to four, [...]

Coraline’s Two Bad Mommies

This weekend, I watched Coraline, the new stop-animation film that gives the Nightmare Before Christmas treatment to Neil Gaiman's book about a discontented girl who finds a portal to another world. Coraline has some pretty serious mommy issues in her first life: