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Lady Gaga on the Line Between Drunk Dancing and Date Rape

In 2008, Lady Gaga dropped her first single, "Just Dance," an ode to dancing while extremely wasted. In the song, Gaga details her level of intoxication: She's lost her keys, she's lost her phone, she can't see straight, she's forgotten the name of the club she's in, and she can't figure out why her shirt [...]

Could Tig Notaro Play Amy Ray In Non-Existent Comedic Biopic?

I say yes.
They're both southern: Comedian Tig Notaro was born in Mississippi. Indigo Girl Amy Ray was born in Georgia.
They do their hair the same way: It almost looks feathered, could just be cowlicks gone wild. Tig's hair is shorter, but it's nothing a few extensions and some mousse couldn't take care of.
Lesbianism: Ray is [...]