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D.C.’s Top-Earning Gay Activists

The Washington Blade has compiled a list of the salaries of the leaders of the District's top gay rights and AIDS advocacy organizations. Who knew that providing "meals and nutritional services for homebound people with HIV/AIDS in the Washington, D.C. area" could be so lucrative? A representative food chain is below, from top to bottom [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Womb?

Getting your baby in there doesn't come cheap.
In his Slate column this week, William Saletan discussed what happens when biological parents stop paying the surrogates who are carrying their fetuses. SurroGenesis is a California surrogacy service that sets up infertile couples with willing replacement mamas, and facilitates payments between the two parties—well, it used to. [...]

Bailing Out Abortionists Is Like Paying Irresponsible European Backpackers

Erick Anderson of Ladyblog, who admits that she "despises Planned Parenthood," is a little bit ticked that abortion providers have submitted a proposal to the Obama-Biden transition team asking for 1.5 billion dollars. Then, she equates Planned Parenthood's cause to her recent European vacation:
I guess the abortion industry thought they’d jump on the bailout wagon [...]