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Sexist Beatdown: Sad Parent Edition

In Jennifer Senior's New York Magazine piece on recent research into the joylessness of parenting, Senior recalls a time when her beloved 2-year-old son dismantled a wooden garage then proceeded to chuck the wooden planks at her head, leading Senior to turn to booze. But does it make her happy?

The Morning After: Human Centipede Edition

* Human centipede: It's a thing. A horrible, horrible thing.

The Morning After: Dastardly Cuomo Glasses Edition

* Writing in the Awl's Sex Offender week series, Sady Doyle goes long on Rivers Cuomo and why he (and his cute glasses) have messed you up "forever."

How Stay-at-Home Dads Can Keep Women In Their Place

In this week's YouTube video chat, Dr. Laura Schlessinger addresses an unnatural new development of modern life: stay-at-home dads. What are the possible psychological effects of this strange permutation of the traditional child-rearing arrangement? A listener writes in Thinking of the Children:

Women Will Never Be Happy at Christmas, Daily Mail Reports

The holiday season is upon us, which means that you are gradually sinking into a pit of hopeless despair, if you are a woman. According to the Daily Mail's steady holiday diet of personal essays detailing women's lack of holiday cheer, Christmas time can bring only embarrassment and ruin upon society's females. (To men and [...]

“Mr. Mom” Needs to Die

No. NO Not again. Not another "Mr Mom" reference!
Maybe this shit could fly in 1983. I wouldn't know, because at that point, my own Mr. Mom and my regular female Mom hadn't gotten together to shared-parent me yet. But at this point, New York Times—-stop. JUST STOP.
You've informed us that despite the "Mr. Mom" idea [...]

Indignant Hockey Mom Video Corner

Via The Colonialist, a G.W.U. student blog: Hockey Moms for Truth, penned by comedian Jen Statsky.
"I heard a child ask her, 'What's the difference between icing and off-sides,'" reveals one. "She didn't know."