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“Men’s Studies” Too Feminist For You? Meet “Male Studies”

Today in Inside Higher Ed, Jennifer Epstein profiles the newest academic discipline to emerge in the field of gender studies:  "Male Studies."
Male Studies made its official debut this Wednesday, when a symposium was held at New York's Wagner College to announce the formation of the Foundation for Male Studies. While the new discipline received the [...]

Style Tips From Men’s Rights Activists

How to dress to pick up the women you despise.
"Principles 101: Feminism, Manhood, and You" [PDF], a guide to Men's Rights Activism from, contains tips on everything from restoring your manhood to fighting feminism to . . . brushing your teeth twice daily. (Thanks to a reader for the tip).
Seven golden style tips for [...]

Can’t Feminists and Anti-Misandrists Just Get Along?

I'm not too familiar with online communities like, a Web site dedicated to the cause of "curing feminist indoctrination." Since feminism is an affliction from which I suffer, it looks like I'm going to have to cure myself before I commence ridding the world of misandry. You know the old saying: One must [...]