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Frat Boys at GW Rush to Undo Homophobic Stereotypes

Beta Testing: Brothers Zelenty, Belok, and Molldrem try something new.
According to fraternal historian ­Nicholas Syrett, America’s fraternity culture has thrived on a fear of homosexuality since the 1920’s. All-male fraternal organizations, Syrett writes, “compensate for what might be perceived by outsiders as either feminine or gay behavior by enacting a masculinity [of] aggressive heterosexuality.” In [...]

West Point Grad Tells On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

West Point graduate Lt. Dan Choi appeared on the Rachel Maddow show in March, announced he was gay, had his audio swiftly cut off, reappeared on the show the next day, then received a letter announcing he was out for "telling."
This is the letter the military sends you when you admit you're gay:
This is to [...]

Military Bases Still Not Required to Stock Emergency Contraception

What's worse than being a victim of one of the 2,688 "reported sexual assaults involving military personnel" in 2007? How about not being able to access emergency contraception following your assault?
Last week, a federal judge required that pharmacies offer emergency contraception over-the-counter to 17-year-olds (previously, it was only available to women 18 and up, with [...]

Outted Gay ROTC Student Praised, Outers Vilified

Todd Belok, the George Washington University freshman who was kicked out of the university's ROTC program after two of his fellow program members reported him as gay, has receiving nothing but love from fellow students, community members, and ex-militaries since his story was published in the Hatchet earlier this month. The two fellow ROTC students [...]