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“Headscarf and the Angry Bitch”: An Alternate Perspective

Looking for an alternate perspective on Muslim head coverings? Check out Headscarf and the Angry Bitch, a one-woman show by local artist Zehra Fazal. According to Fazal's presser, Headscarf "is a semi-musical, fully comic exploration of life as a Pakistani Muslim growing up as an American girl in the suburbs." According to [...]

Mike Riggs Is Trailer Trash Zombie. But Is It Sexy?

Yesterday, City Lights Editor Mike Riggs revealed that he dressed as "Trailer Trash Zombie" for Halloween this year, a costume he claimed was “not even a little bit" sexy—“unless short denim shorts, suspenders, a camo ball cap, a black sabbath tee with no sleeves, and really upsetting face paint is your idea of sexy.” Now, [...]

Rap Sex Euphemism: Gucci Mane’s Gyros, Egg Rolls, and Tacos

Cataloguing the sexual euphemisms of rap music is one of my favorite pastimes. So when a commenter requested that I parse Gucci Mane's lyrics for hidden sexual undertones, I was happy to attempt to smoke out some hidden naughty bits in the rapper's contribution to Young Problemz' "Boi" (Mane weighs in at the 2:55 mark).
Perhaps [...]

Comments of the Week: Mike Riggs Edition

Also: These women are considered "fat"? I give up.
Last week, while I was busy exploring the rich Northern Idaho social scene (so much homophobia, you guys—more on that later), Mike Riggs offered to man The Sexist in my stead. And man he did. But it's over now! And thankfully, some brave commenters waded into the [...]

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Next week, I take my annual exotic vacation from a life of bloggin' about drag queens and pulling out (okay: I'm going to Idaho). While I'm off the sex and gender beat, resident City Paper bike porn chronicler Mike Riggs will be posting here on the Sexist to pick up my dildo slack. He promises to [...]

The City Paper Reviews “Saddlebacking”

Last week, sex columnist extraordinaire Dan Savage gave Rick Warren the Rick Santorum treatment by turning his life into a code-word for a sex act. "Saddlebacking," named after Warren's California Saddleback Church, will henceforth signify "the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities." (Santorum, incidentally, means "The [...]

Podcast: Five Minutes* You’ll Never Get Back

Welcome back to another edition of Five Minutes* You'll Never Get Back, the occasional podcast wherein City Lights editor Mike Riggs and I probe the other's psyche in an attempt to understand why the other person is the way that they are. I'm up first. Riggs goes next.
Topics discussed: Mike Riggs, Amanda Hess, narcissism, co-workers, [...]

Podcast: Five Minutes* You’ll Never Get Back

Welcome back to another edition of Five Minutes* You'll Never Get Back, City Paper's sex and politics podcast. This week, City Lights Editor Mike Riggs and I discuss the pros and cons of cinema's most recent abstinence-only vegetarian tween vampire phenomenon, Twilight. (Our usual cohort, Intern Bobby, gets a pass this week).

Topics discussed: Jane Austen, [...]

Podcast: Five Minutes* You’ll Never Get Back

* Admittedly: Even I am unsure how long the podcast is this time. You know, when City Paper's resident libertarian and I get to talkin', it's anyone's guess how long it will take us both to tire of speaking directly to the other. And yet, Mike Riggs and I brave the conversational waters again today [...]

Podcast: Five Minutes* You’ll Never Get Back

Welcome to another edition of “Five Minutes* You’ll Never Get Back,” wherein Mike Riggs and I delve ever deeper into the darkest corners of the other's soul as we review the week in sex, media, and politics (but mostly sex). Today, five minutes* gets spooky as Riggs and I hash out our deeply seated views [...]