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Sexist Beatdown: Megan Fox Shrinks Michael Bay’s Camera Boner Edition

Hey! Looks like Megan Fox is due for her six-month Sexist Beatdown check-up. According to Transformers director and noted Hot Girl inspector Michael Bay, Fox has apparently grown "pale," "underweight" and "unhealthy," allowing her Hot Girl essence to whither away into a sickly frame that's utterly beneath the lingering gaze of Bay's signature camera-boner.
Meanwhile, Fox [...]

The Morning After: The Fights of Summer Edition

* Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown welcomes summer, and all the irrational fighting it brings. Kicking off fighting season for Doyle: Tequila-fueled feminist infighting!

Give Your Wife the Gift of Objectification This Christmas

Gawker points us to this absurd, Michael Bay-directed Victoria's Secret commercial, which combines a butt rock soundtrack, edgy desert vistas, motorcycles, cars, knife-throwing, a helicopter, explosions, unexplained circus performers, a jet, half-naked sexy ladies, and wind machines. In other words, it appears to be targeted at women.

Sexist Beatdown: Megan Fox’s Fake Boobies Find Their Voice

Megan Fox, everyone's least-favorite super-hot chick, gets the New York Times Magazine treatment this week. We all know Megan Fox as that hot sassy vixen who claims to be female-empowered (“I would eat Robert Pattinson”) as she poses in wet bikinis for men's magazines. And we know that that combination, uh, usually doesn't go over [...]