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“Why Would I Want to Touch Your Ass?”: When Groping Victims Talk Back

Last week, the Sexist highlighted a fairly common reaction of groping victims around the metro region—say nothing. A woman who got assaulted on a crowded dance floor, a woman who got rubbed on Metro, a girl who got her ass grabbed—they all kept it to themselves. What if they’d said something? What kind of reception [...]

“I Just Wanted Him to Finish And Leave”: Why Some Groping Victims Stay Silent

It used to be that Jessica Graves was always up for a dance party. So when she headed out to Dupont Circle gay bar Cobalt one night in 2006, Graves and a male friend hit the crowded dance floor hard. “We were being kind of raunchy,” she says. “When we go out, my friend says [...]

Sexist Comment of the Week

This one's a two-fer, in response to my post on the omnipresent anti-abortion Metro ads, "Metro Swathed in Anti-Abortion Shame."
Craig Howell writes:
Um, there’s a First Amendment issue here, folks. As a government agency, Metro cannot indulge in viewpoint discrimination. This matter was settled 30 years ago when the courts told Metro it could not refuse [...]

D.C. Metro Gets Sexy

A reader wrote in to suggest this video, posted by Nikolas Schiller yesterday. Directed by Robin Bell, it features local dancers Sharna Fabiano and Isaac Oboka performing an extended tango inside the Woodley Park metro station.