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Should Drag Queens Pay to Race Down 17th Street?

FOX5 investigates why some D.C. special events—including D.C.'s traditional Halloween drag event, the Dupont "High Heel" race—aren't forced to pay the city fees for the D.C. police officers employed as security for the parades. Kristopher Baumann, Chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police's Labor Committee, suggests that the city money used to subsidize the parties [...]

The Morning After: Feminine Feminist Edition

* Ms. Magazine reporter Kate Noftsinger asks a panel of Lilith Fair artists a question:
“Who here identifies as a feminist?”

The Morning After: Stay Puft Edition

Burlesque marshmallow man, via The Candy Pitch
* Seventy-five-year-old Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, the "first and only woman to pitch in the Negro American League," is set to be commemorated with her own field in Northeast D.C.

Ladies First: Does D.C. Have a GLBT Community or an LGBT One?

Metro Weekly co-publishers Randy Shulman and Sean Bugg
This year, the DC Center—the sole community center serving the District’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents—will no longer be known as a “GLBT” community center. It will be known as a center for the “LGBT” community. It’s a simple transposition of two letters, but it offers [...]

The Metro Weekly Man V. The Blade Man

In this week's cover story, I examine the cultural relevance of D.C.'s competing LGBT publications, Metro Weekly and the Washington Blade (now the D.C. Agenda). Are you a Metro Weekly man? Or are you a Blade man? Or are you not an upper-middle-class middle-aged gay man who lives in Northwest Washington D.C., and therefore largely [...]

Dupont High Heel Race Gets Political

Tomorrow, as per tradition, hundreds of drag queens will race down 17th Street between R and Church Streets NW. According to Metro Weekly, the 24th annual Dupont High Heel Race will see a couple of changes this year: One, you won't be able to drink beer outside anymore. And two, it's political this time.

Steep Price: Gay Sex Club Closes After Fatal Injury

Throwing in the Towels: Men’s club death leaves city grasping for answers.
Early in the morning of Oct. 4, a member of a private Logan Circle “men’s social club” fell to his death. According to a D.C. police report, the 47-year-old man was discovered in the stairwell leading to the basement of 1618 14th St. NW, [...]

Lady Gaga Brings Pantless Pride to D.C. Equality March

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga promised to head down to D.C. for this Sunday's Equality March. At New York City's Bootleg party, Gaga announced:
Listen, next week is the gay pride march. And I know that I'm going to be there marching with all of you. And the most exciting thing tonight is that we're all [...]

Gay Guerillas Descend on Straight Bar, Possibly for Last Time

Beers for queers: Not just in gay bars anymore
This week, Metro Weekly reported on three local gay social activists who have been organizing a monthly "Guerilla Queer Bar" in D.C. for the past five years. The concept is simple: Get a bunch of gay people together, descend upon a traditionally straight bar, and declare "We're [...]

The Morning After: Anniversary Leather Edition

* Metro Weekly opines on 25 years of Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend.
* Tyra Banks finds the one woman who has never heard of Sarah Palin.
* Tiger Beatdown tells you who's faring better this week—chicks or dudes—based on evidence culled from extensive personal experience crack reporting a Google alert she's set up for "women than men". But [...]