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The Morning After: Monsters and Not Monsters Edition

* Thomas MacAulay Millar on the problem with seeing sexual assailants and domestic abusers as "monsters":

When the Threat of Stranger Rape Facilitates Acquaintance Rape

At Tiger Beatdown, B. Michael points out one abusive tactic revealed in the leaked Mel Gibson tapes:
Mel Gibson was condemned for (allegedly) threatening to burn down his house and force his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, to blow him (presumably after he saved her from being raped by a group he describes with his usual [...]

Chris Brown: “I Love Women”

Chris Brown appeared on the Wendy Williams Show on Friday, where he talked about his anger management classes, explained that his posture has been misconstrued by the media, and basked in the excessive fawning of Williams' female audience.
The whole interview was weird. Williams opens the segment by describing Brown in strangely passive language: "Our first [...]

Kathryn Jean Lopez Deals “Feminist” Another Blow

Aww, I can't stay mad at you, "true face of feminism"!
If Sarah Palin and Barack Obama teamed up to kill "feminist" this election cycle, Kathryn Jean Lopez will have it spinning in its grave. In a National Review piece detailing her experience at last week's "March for Life," Lopez calls Pope Benedict XVI the "real [...]